The Legend of the Concubine’s Daughter Minglan Chapter 15 Part 3


Governess Kong turned around and bowed to Sheng Hong, she warmly said “A moment ago, Master kindly said that I am friends with the Old Madame, so I will thicken my skin and put forward my two cents. In families with numerous sons and daughters, parents must be fair and not discriminate, only then can the family truly be at peace. Although sisters should mutually give in to each other but it should be, one gives in today and another gives in another day. There is no reason to ask one to repeatedly capitulate, with time it would be inevitable that hostility would breed among sisters. Is that not true Master?”

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Chapter 41

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The scent of spice is stronger than the commercially
available cola. Ginger ale also had strong ginger flavor.

Un, This spice has strong scent, is it suitable for
Japanese food? What should I do…

Look at the state of the pot, immediately reduce the
heat when it is likely to boil, keep at state that unlikely to boil. That
delicate adjustment is also thanks to fire magic stone, It is very convenient.

To reduce the task, Quickly go to the dungeon and
call out.

“I need one person to help me, can someone help me?”

Kurts give out his name.

“While I’m going to the field for a moment, I
want you to scoop up and throw away when this happens, Can I ask you? “

“If it’s a field, shall I go?”

“Un, thanks. But I want to see the vegetables in the
field while thinking about cooking.”

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BMHS : Chapter 27.2 – You’re Too Conspicuous

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Crescent Moon Translations

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung

Proofreader: KainGuru

What was Yan Sui thinking and what particular scheme did he have in mind? Even Old Master Meng could not be sure of it. However, there was one thing that could be clearly seen — Meng Ting, for a fact, had transformed from an insignificant marriage alliance chess piece, into someone who could not be neglected by both sides of the families, not even by any family in Haicheng.

“What are you worried about? I don’t think Meng Ting has that kind of intelligence.” Meng Yide looked at Han Xuejun, and there was a slight impatience written on his face.

He and even Old Master Meng thought that it was a good thing for the Mengs if Yan Sui liked Meng Ting. Han Xuejun did not meet the guests whatsoever. It was as if she was facing a formidable foe…

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